DKM ready for 2015

The preparations for the 2015 DKM season are getting up to full speed. The interest in the biggest German Kart Championship was high at the IKA Kart 2000. read more


Register for the DKM 2015 now

The German Kart Championship is promising a lot of excitement in 2015 again. The racing calendar includes five races on the best tracks in Germany and Belgium. read more


DKM - Tender für Pokalausrüster

Da der derzeitige Vertrag, mit dem aktuellen Pokalausrüster in diesem Jahr ausläuft, sucht der DMSB für die Saison 2015 – 2017 erneut im Tender-Verfahren einen Pokalausrü more


Changes in the 2015 DKM-calendar

Due to changes in the CIK-FIA-calendar, the German Kart Championship had to change their dates as more


DKM calendar 2015 is ready

After the CIK-FIA, the German Kart Championship is now also publishing its racing calendar for 2015. read more


DKM is waiting for CIK-calendar

After a successful 2014 season the DKM-preparations for the new year are already in full more


DKM Champions are set

No one could have written a more exciting script for the season finale of the German Kart Championship. read more