DKM enters its crucial phase


After a short summer break, next weekend the motto of the German Kart Championship will once again be “Gentlemen, start your engines”. The first league of German kart racing will give its guest performance in Rhineland-Palatinate Hahn and promises a lot of excitement – the first title winning decision can already be made on the Hunsrückring.

Counting 128 participants, the fourth ranked race of the DMSB (German Motor Sport Foundation) is once again causing a lot of interest. In addition to the regular drivers, top-class guest drivers will also start this time. Praga Kart Racing Team celebrates its premiere at the German Championship with their drivers Patrik Hajek and Japanese Marino Sato.

The Hunsrückring/Hahn is perfect for this. With more than 1.300m, lots of challenges await the drivers. Due to fast bend speeds the tires will be especially challenged on the track, which is located near the airport Frankfurt/Hahn. It will be important to take care of the tires during the Heats in order to still have some reserves for the finals. KZ2-vice-European-Champion of 2012 Michele DeMartino knows this too: “Hahn is a very challenging and wavy track. Due to a couple of fast bend passages, especially at the shifterkarts, the tires are strongly strained and you have to drive accordingly gently. Additionally the high g-forces demand a lot of the driver, which makes good bodily fitness a must-have.”

Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) could already have a reason to celebrate on Sunday evening. The DSKM-Champion of 2011 and 2012 is on his way to the triple win, although things didn’t go perfectly for the CRG-driver this season. He missed the race victories in Wackersdorf and Kerpen. But his pursuers stumbled as well and allowed the Dutchman to stay at the top. In Hahn, he would even be able to lose eight points to Paolo de Conto (AVG Racing) and would still be German Shifterkart Champion for the third time in a row. But Pex knows that a lot can still happen during a racing weekend. “I had a couple of problems in Hahn last year. I’ll try to give it my best and am looking forward to the event”, he said, stepping on the euphoria brake. His primary pursuer Paolo de Conto is highly motivated in the meantime and will put everything on one card in Hahn as well: “I’ll have to try winning every race up to the finals, which has already worked well in Kerpen.” A little behind follows Kart-World-Champion Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) on third place in front of the best German driver Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team). The Wesel-resident stood on the winners’ podium in Kerpen twice and is still hoping for the vice-Championship. All in all, 47 drivers will be participating in the race in the Hunsrück.

At the juniors, the fans can look forward to a thrilling duel between David Beckmann (Zanardi) and Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing). The two youngsters are only three points apart and will fight out the final title winning decision between them. And yet it had looked like a walkover of rookie David Beckmann until the halftime-race in Kerpen. But the driver from Hagen experienced a racing weekend to forget on his home track and had to let van Leeuwen come close to him. He’s now hoping for more luck in Hahn and starts into the season finish confidently: “Unfortunately, Kerpen wasn’t a successful weekend. In Hahn, the cards will be dealt anew and I’m going to fully attack again.” Dutchman van Leeuwen will try to keep him from this though. After his first two race victories in Kerpen, he will give it his all in Hahn to achieve even more. In the meantime, their pursuers are far behind. Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) is currently on third place in front of the German KSM-duo Mick Betsch and Justin Barth. Counting 50 drivers, the field is brilliantly manned for the semi final of the DJKM again – Candian Parker Thompson (Energy Corse) will be fighting for the victory here as well. After his absence from Wackersdorf and Kerpen, he is back to the German racing scene and is still able to become a danger to his opponents regarding the third overall place.

A small sensation is looming in the German Kart Championship. After winning the junior title in 2012, Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team) is now also aiming for the senior title. Due to an impressive double victory in the Erftland he took the lead on the overall list of rankings and extended his advantage to 19 points. “It’s still a long way to go to the title. It’s currently looking really good though and the transfer to the KF2 went perfectly”, said Janker in a good mood. He can’t take his lead too lightly though. After his vice title in 2012, Irish John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) also wants to be at the top at the end of the year. Prior to the fourth event in Hunsrück, he dropped a couple of points and will now have to fully attack. “104 points will still be dealt in Hahn and Genk. I will give it my all and am confident that we have what it takes to win the title”, said John highly motivated. German drivers André Matisic (KKC Racing/PDB-Germany) and Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team) still have serious chances as well. The duo is currently waiting on third and fourth places. French Dorian Boccolacci’s (Energy Corse) performance will be interesting to see. After his double victory in Ampfing at the beginning of the year he had to miss the following two events. He will now be back in Hahn and might still be able to gear into the fight for the title. In any case, there won’t be any cause for boredom on the Hunsrückring.

Kart racing fans will once again be able to be pleased with 13 hours of live images. Those who remain at home all over the world will be able to follow all races on Saturday and Sunday via the German Kart Championship’s video-live-stream. Additionally, there will be lots of information on the official DKM-Facebook-fanpage again. The drivers will have to find the right setup for their racing devices on Friday already, to be able to fight for the pole-position during qualifying on Saturday. After that, three Heats per class will follow. The best 34 respective drivers will then enter the finals on Sunday.