DKM half-time in Ampfing


Next weekend the German Kart Championship’s season half-time is going to take place on the Schweppermannring in Ampfing. 117 participants from more than 20 nations are going to start at the southernmost stop of the DMSB grade series DKM, DJKM and DSKM. Among them are some kart European as well as World Champions.

The drivers of the highest German kart racing series already started in Wackersdorf and Genk (Belgium), now they’re going to travel to Ampfing. The 1.063m long Schweppermannring is viewed as challenging and very popular among drivers and teams. “In Ampfing, you have to drive a good deal to be fast in the end. You can lose a lot of time especially in the infield if you don’t use the track to full capacity. Another challenge is the chicane, where it’s important to drive on the right line at the end of the bend”, shifterkart-driver Maik Siebecke described the track.

The races can be awaited excitedly. In all three classes, various drivers still have chances of achieving the half-time title. Additionally the fields are manned with strong guest drivers. At the juniors, the new European Champion team WARD Racing is going to start with two drivers. Ricky Flynn Motorsport also starts at the DJKM again. Other drivers are dominating the fight for the title though – Bent Viscaal (KSM Racing Team) is currently the overall leader. Four winners in four races prove the balance among the juniors though. First pursuer is German Max Hesse (RS Motorsport) in front of Max Tubben (CRG Holland) from the Netherlands. As the second best German driver, David Brinkmann (KSM Racing Team) is keeping close on fourth position while Dane Emil Dose (Storm Development) is currently on fifth place. All in all, the so far most strongly manned field of participants, counting 37 drivers, is being awaited in Ampfing.

At the shifterkarts the fourfold German Champion Jorrit Pex (Pex Racing Team) was back at the top in Genk. After a lot of bad luck in Wackersdorf he took back the lead after a race victory on his home track and is going to give it his all in Ampfing to keep this position. Really close behind him are kart racing icon Davidé Fore (Renda Motorsport) and Menno Paauwe (Paauwer Racing Team) though. From a German point of view, Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team) is holding all the aces. The resident of the Lower Rhine area recently impressed at the finale of the European Kart Championship with a victory and also belongs to the top favorites in Southern Bavaria. On fifth place follows the next German, Maik Siebecke (SRP Racing Team), with only one less point.

A thrilling duel is developing at the German Kart Championship between Dutchmen Richard Verschoor (RB Racing Team) and Martijn van Leeuwen (CRG Racing Team). The overall list of rankings is currently lead by rookie Richard Verschoor – he showed an impressive debut with three race victories. But the reigning Champion Martijn van Leeuwen is sticking to his guns – the duo is only three points apart prior to half-time. A little farther back on third place is the best German driver Tom Lautenschlager (TB Motorsport Racing Team). With a backlog of 44 points he is only lying in wait regarding the fight for the title and has to watch out for his pursuers. Julius Lassen (TK Racing) and Christian Sörensen (Storm Development) are close behind the Baden-Württemberg resident.

The drivers have to find the right setup for qualifying on Saturday during the free trainings on Friday already. These are going to determine the starting positions for the following heats. On Sunday, the best 34 drivers of each class are then going to compete in two ranked races. All those who won’t be on location can look forward to more than 16 hours of live images from Ampfing again. From Saturday morning, 9am, the DKM is going to broadcast all events via video-live-stream.