DKM on Vega tires until 2016


From the coming season on, the three DMSB-grade series DKM, DKJM and DSKM will start on new tires. Italian manufacturer Vega is going to be the sole supplier of the highest German kart racing series for the next three years.

With Vega, the DKM welcomes a strong kart racing partner into their ranks. The tire-manufacturer from Italy belongs to the most traditional ones and often has been the supplier of international racing series in the past.

According to the CIK-regulations, classes KF and KZ2 will be equipped with the tire mixture “prime” (medium), while the KF-juniors will be starting with the slightly harder “option” mixture.

There won’t be any changes for the participants. From Thursday on, a tire truck will be on location and equipping the drivers. There will be a special focus on equality of opportunity: All tires are from the same production period and promise equal grip levels. If there are any questions, two tire technicians as well as two additional service professionals from Vega will be present at all DKM-events.

Just like in 2013, all tires will be furnished with a bar code and scanned during tire release. The evaluation is going to be done via a modified program and is supposed to be even easier than before. A free of charge return of old tires is also possible any time.

The overall winners also still have a reason to rejoice. The DKM and DJKM champions get 1,5 free tire sets per racing weekend, the DSKM champion gets two sets per event. This applies to this year’s champions Martijn van Leeuwen (DJKM), André Matisic (DKM) and Jorrit Pex (DSKM) as well, in case they start at a DMSB-kart racing grade series again.

From January 2014, the first slick and rain tires can already be acquired from GN-Motorsport (VEGA-general importer Germany), who has supervised the German Kart Championship during the previous years.