DKM ready for 2015


The preparations for the 2015 DKM season are getting up to full speed. The interest in the biggest German Kart Championship was high at the IKA Kart 2000. The attractiveness of the racing series has been enhanced even more due to small innovations.

The DKM belongs to the biggest kart racing series in Europe, next to the CIK-grades and the WSK. The fields of the three grades DKM, DJKM and DSKM have been strongly manned internationally in the past years and lots of drivers and teams have announced their participation for 2015 already. “The interest in the DKM is still really high. Due to our good frame conditions, strong fields of participants and our professional surroundings, the DKM has a great reputation abroad”, rejoiced series coordinator Stefan Wagner.

Despite the great feedback in the past, the DKM still lives by the motto “stagnation means stepping backwards” – which is why in 2015 there are a couple of innovations. Just like in the shifter kart class KZ2, from this season on two sets of tires are going to be allowed in the DKM (KF) as well. There won’t be any changes regarding rain tires though: two sets of tires are allowed in all three classes. Vega is still going to be the sole outfitter of the German Kart Championship.

There’s going to be an interim arrangement regarding the use of the air dam. In 2015, the old as well as the new homologation can be used. There are also going to be changes regarding the allocation of points. Along the lines of the CIK the best ten drivers are going to receive points after the heats. In addition to the two worst final results, one heat is going to be discarded as well.

Entering the DKM can be done since January 13th. All forms can be downloaded at and have to be fully filled in and entered at the DMSB along with a copy of the driver- and applicant-license. The first entry lists are going to be published on the DKM website soon.