DKM starts halftime-race at the Erftland


At the Erftlandring in Kerpen, a traditional track awaits the 138 participants of the German Kart Championship on the upcoming weekend. In the past, German Formula 1 World Champions Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel celebrated their first victories here.

After the southern stops in Ampfing and Wackersdorf, the German Kart Championship team will be travelling to Kerpen on the upcoming weekend. Approximately 60km to the west of Cologne, the ranked races number 5 and 6 will be taking place on the 1.017m long Erftlandring. The starting field is impressive at the season’s halftime once again. 138 drivers from more than 20 nations will be starting.

The Erftland track stands for a great tradition, because it’s been the starting point for both German Formula 1 World Champions Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Both celebrated their first big successes in Germany’s top Kart series in Kerpen. Michael Schumacher won the German Kart Championship (DKM) in 1987, Sebastian Vettel won the German Junior Kart Cup (today the DJKM) in 2001.

The races of the three DMSB-grade series DKM, DJKM and DSKM can be awaited with great excitement as well. After the first four ranked races, everything is still possible in the Championships. At the top of the overall list of rankings are currently John Norris (DKM), David Beckmann (DJKM) and Jorrit Pex (DSKM).

The first league of German kart racing is currently being lead by John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport). The Irish factory driver of the German chassis manufacturer has shown a solid performance so far and will try to extend his leading position in Kerpen. In order to do this he has to get rid of the bad luck of the past weeks. “During the last races, we always lacked a little bit of luck. I’m hoping to achieve a trend reversal in Kerpen”, said Norris hopefully. Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing team) is following him closely.  The reigning German Junior Kart Champion is leading the field of the followers and is being received as the biggest surprise of the first half of the season. Last weekend, he proved that he’s very well able to win the race in Kerpen – Janker won the Bridgestone Summer Cup. “The final rehearsal went very well already, now I’m hoping for a repetition”, said Janker, already excited about the upcoming race. This will not be an easy one though. The competition knows their chances as well. While Dorian Boccolacci (Energy Cose s.r.l.), who is currently on third place, will not be starting, the Germans André Matisic (KKC-Racing/PDB Germany) and Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team) will be able to jump to the top three if they achieve a good result.

At the juniors, David Beckmann (Zanardi) and Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) are currently setting the pace in the front. Due to three victories and a second place, Westphalian David Beckmann already has got a considerable advance and wants to win on his home track as well. Being a member of the Kart-Club Kerpen-Mannheim e.V., he knows the track very well and already highlighted his possibilities by winning the Bridgestone Summer Cup last weekend. “We’re currently really well positioned and I’m hoping to be able to initiate a preliminary decision in Kerpen”, said Beckmann fiercely. Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) will put all he can against this though. The Dutchman ended up on third place last year and also belongs to the top favorites of this year. In addition to three second places he also had to deal with a lost race in Wackersdorf though and therefore has a considerable backlog on the overall list of rankings. Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) is currently on third position in front of Parker Thompson (Energy Corse s.r.l.) and Mick Betsch (KSM Racing Team).

The shifterkarts will be among the audience’s favorites in Kerpen once again. Counting 47 drivers, this class is strongly manned this time as well. In the fight for the title, everything seems to be going well for reigning double Champion Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland). Even though things didn’t go quite as expected in Wackersdorf, he was able to extend his overall lead and will be starting in Kerpen with three victories already behind him. “Wackersdorf was not an easy weekend for me. I will try to regain ground in Kerpen and am excited for the race”, said Pex confidently. His followers are not to be underestimated though: Two top stars will be fighting against him - Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) and Paolo de Conto (AVG-Racing). The German drivers proved their top conditions during the past weeks as well. They drove in the forefront at the CIK-FIA European Kart Championship and proved that they should be counted on during the German Championship as well. The German squad is lead by the overall fourth place Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.) in front of Stefan Ott (CRG Holland) and Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team). The Bornheim resident Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) knows the 1.017m long track like the back of his hand. Up until now, the DSKM-Champion of 2006 has been experiencing a very mixed season. He is always good for a surprise in Kerpen though: A couple of days ago he won the Bridgestone Summer Cup on this track.

Things will get serious for the drivers for the first time on Saturday at 11:10am with the first DJKM qualifying, followed by nine Heats in the afternoon. The best 34 drivers of the respective races will be entering the finals on Sunday. All races can be followed via DKM-Video-Live-Stream again. The Kart-Data-TV team will be capturing all the racing events with seven cameras and will be broadcasting more than 13 hours of live images. During the races in Ampfing and Wackersdorf, more than 6.000 viewers followed the German Kart Championship. Additionally there will be lots of information on the official DKM-Facebook-fanpage again.