DKM’s foreign round: finale in Genk


Next weekend, the time has come: The finale of the German Kart Championship will be taking place in Belgian Genk. The races can be awaited excitedly; two title decisions are still to be made and the fields are strongly manned, counting 142 participants.

After Ampfing, Wackersdorf, Kerpen and Hahn the three grade series of the DMSB (German Motorsport Foundation) will travel to neighboring Belgium for the season finale. The highly modern track is on the DKM-racing calendar for the third time and belongs to the highlights of the year. 142 drivers have registered and are providing an international starting field in time for the season finale.

The Horensbergdam-Circuit provides ideal surroundings, is able to impress due to a modern track layout and good infrastructure. Due to huge rostrums, the audience is able to view the entire racing events. DKM-rookie Marco Paul is looking forward to the final races: “Genk provides a great multitude for the drivers and the audience. Due to long straight parts and fluent bends, it’s a lot of fun to drive on this track and there are always diversified races here. The high speeds also require a perfectly balanced kart.” There is a lot of excitement regarding the Championship titles. While Jorrit Pex has already secured his third DSKM-title in a row at the last race in Hahn, the decisions in the DKM and DJKM are still to be made.

At the German Kart Championship, as many as four drivers still have serious chances of winning the title: Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team), André Matisic (KKC Racing), John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) and Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team). The list of rankings is led by the reigning junior Champion Hannes Janker. The Franconian has shown a steady performance throughout the course of the year and was able to break away a little after the half-time race in Kerpen. His pursuers caught up to him again in Hahn though and Janker now has to fully attack to be able to win the renowned German title in his first year at the KF2. “I can’t afford to make any big mistake and have to finish both races among the top fields”, said Janker unerringly. His opponents know their chances too though. In Genk, André Matisic is going to try to use the power of his first DKM-victory. The driver currently on third place, John Norris, also shouldn’t be overlooked. The Irishman achieved a well-observed double victory in Genk last year and will give it his all again this year. Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team) lags furthest behind right now: With 101 points, he is currently 33 points behind the leading driver. Two victories and four places on the podium underline that he can be counted on as well though. Maybe another driver will take part in the decision-making in the end. Dorian Boccolacci (Energy Corse) from France started into the season with a double victory, then had to miss two races though and therefore fell out of the fight for the title. He knows his way around Genk very well though and therefore also belongs to the possible winners of the race.

The juniors’ field is split. The title winning decision will be made between Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) and David Beckmann (Zanardi). Out of eight possible victories so far, seven were divided between this duo. Prior to the finale, Dutchman Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) has slightly better chances. The third winner of the KFJ European Championship has won four races in a row – the Championship is not yet won though. David Beckmann is only nine points behind his brand colleague and has the best memories of Genk. “I won the races of the WSK Euro Series in Genk this summer. Of course I now want to repeat this success”, said Beckmann highly motivated. Excitement is guaranteed for the audience during this fight. But there is also a lot of suspense among their pursuers. Regarding the third place of the Championship, six drivers are currently ranking closely together. These are led by German Cedric Piro (PM Racing), followed by Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) and Jannes Fittje (Keijzer Racing).

All the fans who stay at home will once again be able to view 13 hours of live images from Genk. All the events of Saturday and Sunday will be broadcasted worldwide via video-live-stream of the German Kart Championship. Additionally, there will be lots of information on the official DKM-facebook-fanpage again. The participants will already start on the 1.360m long track on Friday. It will be important to find a competitive setup during free trainings. Qualifying and the heats will take place on Saturday. The best 34 drivers of each class will then qualify for both final races.