Everything still possible in the DKM


The German Kart Championship stopped at the Erftlandring in Kerpen for the third race of the year and presented exciting kart racing. With Hannes Janker (DKM), Martijn van Leeuwen (DJKM) and Paolo De Conto (DSKM), there were three double winners who are now causing new excitement among the overall lists of rankings.

119 participants had travelled to the halftime-race of the highest German kart racing league and brought full starting fields to the three grade series of the DMSB (German Motorsport Foundation). The races on Saturday and Sunday were accordingly thrilling. The weather showed its huge heart for motorsports: With gleaming sunshine, there were best conditions on the 1.017m long tack and the spectator stands were well filled up.

From a sportive perspective, there were numerous surprises and three new double winners. Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team) came out on top in the DKM; at the juniors, Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) stood on top of the winners’ podium twice and Italian Paolo De Conto (AVG Racing) won at the shifterkarts. Due to this, there have now been some shifts on the overall lists of rankings, which will lead to great excitement during the races that are still to come.

DSKM: Double victory for Paolo De Conto

 The field of the shifterkart-drivers came in very closely together: With Paolo De Conto (AVG Racing), Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) and Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) there were as many as three drivers who had achieved a victory and a second place after the Heats. Therefore, regarding the gaining of the pole position for the first final the result of qualifying had to be taken into account – for the benefit of De Conto.

The Italian was the measure of all things during the first final on Sunday as well and was able to continually break away from the field during the 23 laps. At the finish line, the Birel-factory driver was able to celebrate his first victory of the season. Thereby, at season halftime, he is now Jorrit Pex’ strongest competitor. The race was a lot more exciting for the Dutchman. After the start, five drivers were very close together – only for a couple of laps though. The reason: Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) and Marijn Kremers (AVG Racing) collided and were out of the fight for victory. The race didn’t get any easier for reigning champion Jorrit Pex though. Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team), Kevin Illgen (CRG Holland) and towards the end of the race Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) too were at the CRG-driver’s bumper. He used all of his experience though and finished the race on second place behind De Conto. Best German driver was Alexander Schmitz on third place in front of Davide Foré and Kevin Illgen.

After his dominant performance during the first race, Paolo De Conto had to be a lot more careful during the second. Jorrit Pex and Davide Foré could not be shaken off this time and were aiming for victory as well. De Conto managed to keep his followers at a distance though and highlighted his fondness for the Erftland-track by achieving a double victory. “I really like starting in Kerpen; the track still has got an old flair and is very challenging in a shifterkart. Because I missed the season opening in Ampfing, this double victory is really important for me”, De Conto said happily. Pex could be very content in the end though too. By winning two second places, the reigning Champion gained important Championship points and is getting closer to the dream of achieving the DSKM-title-hat-trick: “Even though I didn’t win, I’m still happy about my results. I have a good advance in the Championship and can already achieve a preliminary decision in Hahn.” Due to a great final spurt, Alexander Schmitz, fastest German driver once again, managed to jump on the winners’ podium in front of Foré and Verdi Geurts (Solgat Motorsport).

Championship ranking after Kerpen:
1. Jorrit Pex (132 points)
2. Paolo De Conto (72 points)
3. Davide Foré (66 points)
4. Alexander Schmitz (63 points)
5. Ricardo Romkema (63 points)

DJKM: Van-Leeuwen-victories cause new excitement

On the racing Saturday, the leader of the DJKM overall ranking, David Beckmann (Zanardi) was in his best shape. The youngster of the ADAC Sports Foundation was the fastest driver during qualifying and won both Heats shortly after. “Our tactic is clear: I’ll try to win tomorrow and thereby gain important Championship points”, said David Beckmann fiercely.

But this undertaking proved more difficult than expected for Beckmann. The first final began with a spectacular start. Numerous juniors were involved in a collision and thrown back considerably, among them pole setter David Beckmann. Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) managed the situation best. The Dutchman drove past all of his competitors in his Zanardi-kart and had a considerable advance after the first lap already. He managed to enhance this until crossing the finish line and secured his first victory of the season. “I was very lucky during the start and steered clear of the quarrel”, said van Leeuwen contently. David Beckmann managed to cut his losses by coming in second. KSM-Racing-team mates Justin Barth and Lirim Zendeli fought hard for third place up until the end. At the finish line, Barth came out on top though and stood on the podium for the first time this season. Zendeli followed on fourth place in front of Leonardo Momcilovic (MM Racing Kart) on fifth.

The second final of the German Junior Kart Championship started with a surprise. Martijn van Leeuwen lost a lot of ground and had to pass on his lead to Justin Barth and Leonardo Momcilovic. Close to the middle of the race, the Dutchman gained speed again though and took back his top position. “Due to my double victory, everything is possible again in the Championship. I have a backlog of three points and will try to achieve gaining the title in the races that are still to come”, the Dutchman seemed to challenge David Beckmann. The DJKM-leader experienced a race to forget and didn’t gain any points for the first time. Lirim Zendeli (KSM Racing Team) achieved a seemingly well finish in the meantime. Having been fastest driver of his group during qualifying, he had a little bit of bad luck during the Heats, then achieved second place though. But later he fell back to seventh place due to a 10-seconds-penalty. Justin Barth (KSM Racing Team) took over his place. After him came in Leonardo Momcilovic, Cedric Piro (PM-Racing) and Bent Viscaal (CRG Holland).

Championship ranking after Kerpen:
1. David Beckmann (115 points)
2. Martijn van Leeuwen (112 points)
3. Nicolai Kjergaard (59 points)
4. Mick Betsch (49 points)
5. Justin Barth (43 points)

DKM: Hannes Janker takes overall lead

There was no way past Hannes Janker in the DKM this weekend. The reigning German Junior Champion secured pole position, both victories during the Heats and was in his element during the racing Sunday too. After exciting starting phases, the young Franconian broke away from the field and is now at the top of the DKM-list of rankings. “Things have been going perfectly since Friday. We always belonged to the fastest drivers and were able to show this throughout the races. A huge thank you goes out to my team for their great support”, said Janker more than contently in the evening. On the overall list of rankings, he managed to jump to the top due to his victory as well. Thereby he now has the chance to gain the DKM-title too, after his triumph at the juniors’. Only a few drivers have managed to win both grades so far.

At the beginning of the first race, it didn’t look like Janker would dominate things at all though. John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) was highly motivated and temporarily managed to drive past the leader. While Janker managed to break away in the end, things got pretty close regarding the winning of second place. After a bad start, André Matisic (KKC Racing) fought his way forward from eighth place again and fought against John Norris for second place. The Irishman managed to keep his competitor at bay though and put Matisic on third place. “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to increase my speed as the race progressed. Regarding the Championship, second place is very good though”, Norris commented on the result of the race. Danish guest driver Kevin Rossel (RK Racing Team) finished the race on fourth place in front of Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team).

During the second race, Janker’s team mate Dennis Marschall took over the role of the hunter. The double winner from Wackersdorf was very fast during the first laps and put a lot of pressure on Janker. Janker managed to break away again though and won the second race as well. Marschall had to give in to Dylan Pereira (DAEMS Racing) in the meantime and crossed the finish line on third place behind the Luxemburger. André Matisic came in on fourth place after a quiet race and collected important Championship points again. The second final didn’t go optimally for John Norris, who ended up on fifth place. He lost a couple of positions during the start and only drove on eighth place temporarily. “We have adjusted something in the setup of the kart – unfortunately it didn’t bring us the improvements we’d hoped for”, Norris explained at the finish line.

Championship ranking after Kerpen:
1. Hannes Janker (113 points)
2. John Norris (94 points)
3. André Matisic (81 points)
4. Dennis Marschall (79 points)
5. Kim Oomen (58 points)

After this exciting halftime-race, the German Kart Championship will now be taking a short summer-break. “We can be highly content with the 2013 season so far”, DKM series-coordinator Stefan Wagner drew a positive interim conclusion. “The popularity with national and international drivers is very high. Especially the DSKM-starting field is really impressive. Additionally, our unique race-control makes for very fair races. Our video-live-stream is a huge success as well. Every racing weekend, more than 6.000 viewers follow the events from their homes.” On August 17th and 18th, the drivers will come up against each other again. The location will be the Hunsrückring/Hahn.