Fuel handling at the DKM Wackersdorf


There is going to be a changed fuel handling for the kick-off to the German Kart Championship in Wackersdorf. ARAL Super Plus-fuel has to be tanked up at a prescribed gas station.

Due to the fact that during the past years there have temporarily been problems with the handling of ARAL Ultimate fuel, the DKM has decided to switch to ARAL Super Plus-fuel. This is going to apply for the first time at the kick-off in Wackersdorf. Regulated by bulletin no. 1, a gas station in the close surroundings of the race track has been chosen. There is going to be a labeled gasoline pump where all participants have to tank up their race fuel. This secures that correct results can be guaranteed at a fuel test and the quality of the fuel is high-class.

Gas station for Wackersdorf:

ARAL gas station Schwarzenfeld

Adress: Amberger Str. 31, 92521 Schwarzenfeld
Open: daily 07:00am until 9:00pm
Phone: +49.9435.501210

The fuel hast o be tanked up from the „DKM“-labeled gasoline pump no. 1. That is the only fuel that is allowed to be used during the championship.