Hahn experiences exciting DKM-races


The fourth event of the German Kart Championship on the Hunsrückring/Hahn had a lot to offer. Gleaming sunshine on Saturday and rain on Sunday made for thrilling races and a couple of surprises. On Sunday evening there were quite a few beaming faces. Next to new winners, Jorrit Pex achieved his third DSKM-title in a row.

After a five week summer break, the drivers of the highest German kart series were excited to race again. 110 participants had found their ways to the 1.377m long Hunsrückring and couldn’t complain about a lack of action. The grade series of the DMSB (German Motorsport Foundation) impressed with their high quality and exciting races. Series coordinator Stefan Wagner was very happy about the course of the event: “The ACV did a great job. Despite the weather on Sunday morning, everything went smoothly. For the most part, there was fair kart racing on the track and no bigger accidents. The Championship fights are very enjoyable – everything is still possible in the DKM and DJKM prior to the finale. The only first decision was made in the DSKM and I congratulate Jorrit Pex on his third title in a row.”

From a sportive point of view, the favorites dominated the event on Saturday: With Jorrit Pex (DSKM), David Beckmann (DJKM) and Hannes Janker (DKM), the overall leaders led the rankings. Sunday was a lot more diversified then. Thanks to the rain during the first race, the lists of rankings got mixed up and there were three new winners in Hahn. It stays exciting in the Championship rankings: While Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) achieved winning the triple in the DSKM, the decisions in the DKM and DJKM will be made during the finale in Genk (Belgium).

DSKM: Third title for Pex – Illgen celebrates first German victory

The racing Saturday at the shifterkarts was securely in the hands of Championship leader Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland). By achieving pole position and two heat-victories, the signs couldn’t have been any better for him: “Everything went really well today. I was even able to preserve my tires a little and am very confident about tomorrow. Whether in sun or rain, I’m looking forward to it.”

He then proved this on Sunday. Right on time for the start of the first final, rain caused a lot of agitation among the starting drivers. Race leader Thomas Lainer assessed the situation quickly and made the entire field switch to rain tires. While Jorrit Pex decided the start in his favor, two favorites had to forfeit the race prematurely: Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) and Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland). In the meantime, Dutchman Pex drove his laps unchallenged and steered towards a secure victory. “Regarding the Championship, this has been an important victory”, said the double Champion. In equally great condition was Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.). From eighth starting position, he fought his way forward to second place and thereby ended up as best German driver. Paolo de Conto (AVG-Racing) kept a small door open regarding the Championship – he was able to collect important points by coming in third. The top five was completed by Dylan Davies (AVG-Racing) and Jonas Hansen. Unlucky fellow of the race was Stefan Ott (CRG Holland): while being on third place his kart turned and he fell back to sixth place.

The audience experienced the most exciting formation lap of the year during the second race of the shifterkarts. Jorrit Pex and Kevin Illgen collided and did damages to their karts. In the end, both of them drove the race though and showed strong performances. During the first third of the race, Pex couldn’t seem to find his usual rhythm though and was very busy with keeping his followers at bay from third place. At that time he didn’t know that his only competitor, Paolo de Conto, had already had to forfeit the race right after the start and that he had already won the title. During the course of the race, he was able to improve his performance again and ended up on second place. He was accordingly content at the finish line: “Of course I’m very happy about my early victory. My team has done a great job; I want to thank everybody for their amazing support.” At the front of the field, Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.) achieved the first German success of the year. The Saxon led the field from the second lap on and showed a brilliant performance. “This has been an incredible race. I wasn’t able to avoid Jorrit during the formation lap and thereby bent my steering mechanism. To still be able to drive this fast is almost impossible. Thanks to my father and CRG Germany for their hard work during the past weeks”, the Saxon rejoiced after his triumph. Things got heated regarding the assignment of third place as well: Temporarily up to seven drivers were engaged in a thrilling duel. In the end, guest driver Patrik Hajek (Praga Kart Racing Team) managed to place on the winners’ podium next to Pex and Illgen. Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) showed a great catching up race. After a falling out during the first race, he ended up on fourth place in front of Verdi Geurts (Solgat Motorsport).

Championship ranking after Hahn:

1. Jorrit Pex (179 points)
2. Kevin Illgen (105 points)
3. Paolo De Conto (88 points)
4. Davide Foré (82 points)
5. Alexander Schmitz (77 points)

DJKM: Martijn van Leeuwen takes over overall lead

At the juniors, Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) and David Beckmann (Zanardi) played the leading parts again. The Zanardi-duo drove on the same level during the Heats and therefore was the leading front during the first final on Sunday: “I was able to extend my Championship advance a little due to my pole position. Things were a little more difficult during the heats though and we have to continue working hard”, Beckmann said fiercely. Van Leeuwen had good chances as well: “I can still be very content, even if I didn’t achieve two victories during the heats. Our performance is right and I will fully attack tomorrow.”

And that he did. On the wet track, the driver of the Dutch Keijzer Racing Team had the best start and seemed to dictate the speed at his will. He then lost control over his Zanardi kart temporarily during the ninth lap and reentered the race behind Bryan Elpityia (Energy Corse), Jamie Caroline (Forza Racing) and David Beckmann on fourth place. During the following two laps, he managed to fight his way up to second position again and thereby achieved the same place in the Championship as David Beckmann. “The turn wasn’t necessary, the speed was good and I’m very confident about the second race”, said the youngster contently at the finish line. In the meantime, British guest driver Jamie Caroline (Forza Racing Team) achieved the victory. “This is my first race in the German Championship. It went really well and it’s fun to drive here”, said Caroline at the finish line. Frenchman Bryan Elpityia showed an impressive debut at the DJKM as well by achieving third position in front of overall leader David Beckmann on fourth place. “Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly due to the rain, but I still tried to do my best”, reported the Hagen resident. Fifth Jarno Opmeer of the Maddox Racing Team achieved his best result of the season so far.

After the rain chaos during the first final, best conditions awaited the juniors during the second race. British Jamie Caroline achieved the best start but had to surrender to his opponents’ attacks during the second lap already and fell even farther back during the course of the race. In the meantime, van Leeuwen drove his race at the front of the field and was able to strengthen his position due to constant fast lap times. In the end, he secured the victory and additional 25 Championship points. “I’m currently leading the Championship and will give it my all to win the title in Genk”, beamed the third at the KFJ-European Championship on the winners’ podium. On second place, Bryan Elpityia from France experienced a quiet race as well. Cedric Piro (PM Racing) had a reason to celebrate. During this first race in a FA-kart, the Saarland citizen drove on third position and thereby achieved his best result of the season so far. David Beckmann (Zanardi) stayed at his bumper. The youngster from Hagen travelled to Hahn as the overall leader, lost a couple of points now though and will enter the final fight for the title as a pursuer. He hasn’t given up at all though: “Even if I’m not on first place anymore, I still have good chances. I’ve achieved a double victory at the WSK in Genk – why shouldn’t this work at the DJKM as well?” The cup ranks were completed by Jannes Fittje (Keijzer Racing), who finished the weekend in the Hunsrück among the top five after a lot of bad luck on Friday and Saturday.

Championship ranking after Hahn:
1. Martijn van Leeuwen (162 points)
2. David Beckmann (153 points)
3. Cedric Piro (72 points)
4. Nicolai Kjergaard (66 points)
5. Jannes Fittje (56 points)

DKM: Four Championship aspirants prior to the finale

A DKM season hasn’t been this exciting in a long time. Prior to the finale in Genk four drivers still have chances of winning the title: Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team), André Matisic (KKC Racing/PDB-Germany), John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) and Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team). On Saturday it had still looked like a dominant walkover by Hannes Janker though. The reigning junior Champion left his opponents no chance and drove off during the heats. “There’s no reason to be grumpy right now. I have set the pace during both heats and was even able to preserve my tires a little in the end. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t rain tomorrow”, said Janker excitedly.

The weather god didn’t seem to hear the Franconian’s prayers though. On the wet track, he had to hand over the strings to his competition. Everything looked like a victory for Kim Oomen (Keijzer Racing) during the first half of the race. The quick Dutchwoman led the field and was even able to break away from the other drivers a little. Her performance dropped towards the halftime of the race though and she had to let John Norris pass her by. The Championship second then increased his performance quite a bit and was able to extend his position on the drying track up to the finish line. “I felt really comfortable and was able to drive a good race”, summed up the Irishman. André Matisic was well equipped as well: After a lot of bad luck on Saturday, he came back impressively and ended up on the winners’ podium on second place. This was completed by Dennis Marschall on third place. Denis Bulatov (RED Racing) showed a great catching up race behind the fourth placed Kasper Larsen (Keijzer Racing): He fought his way forward from 16th to fifth place. Hannes Janker didn’t have a reason to rejoice though: After his victories on Saturday, it was now only enough for eleventh place.

The last race of the weekend started excitingly. Pole-setter John Norris was involved in an accident during the first bend already and had to forfeit the race. André Matisic on the other hand achieved his first victory of the season. The Hamburger already knew prior to the start that he had what it took and kept his immediate follower Dorian Boccolacci (Energy Corse) at bay during 19 thrilling laps. “During the start I lost a couple of positions first, but after that it went really well. Leading the field was not easy though; with Dorian, there was a strong opponent right behind me”, Matisic summed up his race. Behind them, the last decision was only made by crossing the finish line as well. Dylan Pereira (DAMES Racing) was on a secure place for a long time but in the end, Hannes Janker came close to him and tried to manage landing on the podium. Ultimately, Dylan Pereira from Luxemburg came in on third place though. Fifth Kim Oomen drove an impressive race. After her slip-up during the first race, she showed her male competition the ropes and came in on fifth place.

Championship ranking after Hahn:
1. Hannes Janker (134 points)
2. André Matisic (126 points)
3. John Norris (119 points)
4. Dennis Marschall (101 points)
5. Dorian Boccolacci (82 points)

In eight weeks (October 11th – 13th) the German Kart Championship will host its finale. In Belgian Genk the last Championship titles will be won. After great kart racing in the Hunsrück the fans can now look forward to exciting races during the finale of the 2013 season.