Mauritz Pokale continues as DKM partner


In 2012, all the winners’ trophies for the DKM, DJKM and DSKM were supplied by trophy manufacturer ‘Mauritz Pokale’ and now, DMSB and the Rosenheim based family-run company have extended their deal for the coming years.

“Being a former DKM driver, this deal is more than just a business for me,” says Matthias Mauritz. “It also has got an emotional factor and underlines my appreciation of and my bonds to the sport. We will give our very best to add to the series’ attractiveness by making sure that the winners always will be decorated with appropriate trophies.”

In addition to the trophies for the top five in every series, the best DKM team of the respective weekend also will be presented with a Mauritz trophy. For more than 35 years, now, ‘Mauritz Pokale’ have been supplying sports events from village championships to world championships in the entire German speaking region of Europe. For additional information on the company, please visit

The extension of this deal is another reason for looking forward to the season kick-off of the highest-ranked German kart package in mid-April and should represent a boost for the ambition of the competitors.