New and old winners at the season opening in Ampfing


The German Kart Championship started its new season in gleaming sunshine and with springlike temperatures during the past weekend (April 13th-14th 2013). 136 drivers from 18 nations started on the Schweppermannring in Ampfing. The Championship leaders after this kickoff are David Beckmann (DJKM), Jorrit Pex (DSKM) and Dorian Boccolacci (DKM).

Prior to the season opening, huge interest was already taken in the highest German Kart racing grade. Drivers from Europe, Asia and America had announced their participations and thereby proved the DKM to be one of the most challenging Kart racing series in Europe. At the season opening in Ampfing, 136 drivers from 18 nations provided exciting races on the 1.063m track, located about 50km south-eastern of Munich.

The professionalism of the organizational team around series coordinator Stefan Wagner contributes to the success of the German Kart Championship. In cooperation with the German Motorsport Federation (DMSB), a unique environment is provided for the international participants. Especially fairness in motorsports is important here. In addition to broad technical re-inspections, the DKM has been working with a race-control for several years, which enables a best possible analysis of the events on the tracks for the race officials, similar to how it is done in the Formula 1. The German Kart Championship’s fans are offered a lot as well. In 2013, there once again is a video live-stream that provides more than 13 hours of live images every racing weekend. From a sporting point of view, the previously agreed upon favorites came out on top in Ampfing in the end: David Beckmann (Germany) and Parker Thompson (Canada) won in the DJKM, Jorrit Pex (Netherlands) achieved a double success in the DSKM and Dorian Boccolacci (France) dominated the DKM.

DJKM: Beckmann and Thompson share victories
Rookie David Beckmann (Zanardi) provided the first big surprise of the year. The ADAC Sport Foundation’s youngster brilliantly came in first during qualifying and did not let go of his lead during the Heats as well. He thus started into the final on Sunday as race leader. The places next to him were taken by Parker Thompson (Energy Corse s.r.l.), followed by Cedric Piro (PM-Racing), Benjamin Lessennes (VDK Racing Team) and last year’s third winner Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing).

On Sunday, Beckmann showed an impressive performance as well. The Zanardi-driver achieved a great start and clearly broke away from his opponents quickly. He led by more than a second when crossing the finish line and was happy about his success: “After my great start, I was able to concentrate on my driving and break away from my opponents. My kart worked perfectly and I’m confident about being able to win the second race as well.” Beckmann’s closest follower was his brand colleague Martijn van Leeuwen. After starting from fifth position, the Dutchman overtook his opponents on the first few meters and followed on second position. Canadian Parker Thompson finished the first lap on sixth position, then fought his way forward though and managed to place on the podium in the end by coming in third. Cedric Piro followed on a secure fourth place in front of Michael Kuiper (Keijzer Racing), who overtook Mick Betsch (KSM Racing Team) during the last lap. On the further ranks followed Maurice Geschwind (TB Motorsport Racing Team), Stan Pex (CRG Holland), Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) and Alexey Korneev (RED Racing) on tenth place.

After his bad start in the morning, the man of the second race was Parker Thompson from Canada. He took the lead due to a great maneuver and didn’t let go of it until crossing the finish line. Martijn van Leeuwen held his ground on second position again. Opening race winner David Beckmann finished on third position, which caused him to lead the overall list of rankings. Maurice Geschwind provided a small surprise by driving in the front and just barely missing placing on the podium. He almost couldn’t believe his success in the end: “The race just went really great. I want to thank my team for the perfect material; it was a lot of fun.” In the fight for the final cup, as many as four drivers showed an incredible fight and deferred the decision until the last lap. Danish Nicolai Kjergaard finally received the trophy in the evening. On sixth place Mick Betsch followed in front of Alexey Korneev, Cedric Piro, Lirim Zendeli (KSM Racing Team) and Michael Kuiper.

DJKM Championship ranking after Ampfing:
1. David Beckmann (43 points)
2. Parker Thompson (41 points)
3. Martijn van Leeuwen (40 points)
4. Maurice Geschwind (23 points)
5. Cedric Piro (21 points)

DSKM: Jorrit Pex wins in the new year as well
Double champion Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) tied in with his performance from six months ago. He won qualifying as well as both Heats and thus led the field consisting of 53 drivers prior to the first final. Close behind were the two former Kart World Champions Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) and Arnaud Kozlinski (AVG-Racing). The top five was completed by Germans Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) and Stefan Ott (CRG Holland).

Dutchman Pex fell back to third place during the starting phase of the first final. French Arnaud Kozlinski took the lead and broke away from the field immediately. A setback followed only five laps later though. He had to park his Birel-kart and could only watch as the reigning champion Jorrit Pex (CRD Holland) gained speed again. In the middle of the race, Pex laid the basis for his later victory. Due to a fair maneuver, he overtook Davide Foré and gained the maximum of three points. The Germans Stefan Ott (CRG Holland) and Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) fought for third place. Stefan Ott finally got the upper hand and was proud of it in the end: “I wouldn’t have dreamed of placing so far in the front during my home race. It’s been going really well since Friday though and now I’ll try to prove myself during the second race as well.” As fastest driver who was not from CRG followed Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team) on fifth place in front of Finn Kooijman (CRG Holland), Menno Paauwe (Paauwer Kart Racing), Jonas Hansen, Symen Wiggers (CRG Holland) and Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.) on tenth place.

Jorrit Pex had learned from his mistakes of the first race. He led the field from the start and after 24 laps finished on first place. “It’s been a great weekend for me and my team. The participants are even stronger this year, we will try to keep this level for the rest of the year and I’m already looking forward to starting in Wackersdorf,” said Pex in the evening. Second place stayed the same as well. Davide Foré tried to come closer to Pex during the middle of the race, in the end came in second again though. The fight for third place was a lot more exciting. Stefan Ott slowed down towards the end of the race and felt a lot of pressure from his opponents then. He was undeterred by this though and defended his third place in front of Menno Paauwe until the end. Another great performance could be seen by Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.): after a yearlong break he immediately placed on the podium of the DSKM again. The top ten were completed by Finn Kooijman, Ricardo Romkeam, Jonas Hansen, Jules Symkowiak (G-Star Raw Racing) and Symen Wiggers. Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland) was the unlucky fellow of the race: having been on third place for a long time, he had to park his kart in lap 16.

DSKM Championship ranking after Ampfing:
1. Jorrit Pex (52 points)
2. Davide Fore (40 points)
3. Stefan Ott (32 points)
4. Menno Paauwe (22 points)
5. Finn Kooijman (20 points)

DKM: double success for Dorian Boccolacci

The Frenchman and junior driver of the Lotus Formula 1 team Dorian Boccolacci (Energy Corse s.r.l.) celebrated a perfect entry into the German Kart Championship. Starting at the highest German Kart racing grade for the first time, he drove the best time during qualifying and won both of the Heats. That put him on first starting position of the first race on Sunday. Behind him, André Matisic (KKC-Racing), Viktor Compere (VDK Racing Team), Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team) and Kim Oomen (Keijzer Racing) established themselves in the top five.

During the first final on Sunday, Dorian Boccolacci wasn’t impressed by the fights taking place behind him and took a considerable lead. As many as five drivers fought for second place though. Reigning vice Champion John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) secured this rank in the end in front of Victore Compere, Kim Oomen and André Matisic, who was the most successful German driver again. Michael Waldherr (RK Racing Team) held his ground on sixth position in front of reigning DKJM-Champion Hannes Janker, Francois Becamel (VDK Racing Team), Rick Nadin (MM Racing Kart) and Manuel Valier (Mach1 Motorsport). Winner Boccolacci was very content with his premiere in the top class of German kart racing: “The DKM is very professional and the competition very strong. I’m happy about winning and want to thank my team for their support.”

Boccolacci didn’t give his opponents any chance during the second final as well and achieved a clean double victory. Hannes Janker showed the most considerable performance of the race though. Having started from seventh position, he fought his way forward and in the end managed to land on second position behind Boccolacci. “I didn’t expect this after what happened on Friday. I was able to get a lot closer due to the support of my team and now I’m on second place”, rejoiced Janker after the award ceremony. The race for third place became exciting during the last laps as well. The fast Dutchwoman Kim Oomen overtook Victor Compere and managed to gain a place on the podium. Also in the trophy positions were André Matisic followed by Francois Becamel, John Norris, Simon Mirguet (Daems Racing Team), Rick Nadin and Finn Valteri Semi (Ward Racing.)

DKM Championship ranking after Ampfing:
1. Dorian Boccolacci (52 points)
2. John Norris (30 points)
3. Hannes Janker (29 points)
4. Kim Oomen (29 points)
5. Victore Compere (29 points)

After this first exciting event of the DKM, the teams will travel to the next ranked race in three weeks (May 3rd-5th 2013). The three grade series of the German Motorsport Foundation (DMSB) will start in Wackersdorf then. Series coordinator Stefan Wagner was happy about a successful beginning and is looking forward to the future. “We were able to experience great, exciting and most of all accident-free races. This year’s field’s quality is very high, which could be seen clearly during the ranked races. The atmosphere in the paddock was great and makes us want more. We also experienced a great feedback from the audience in front of the screens at home. During both days, more than 5.000 fans watched our live-stream. I want to thank the DKM’s organizational team, which has provided a very smooth process once again.”