New winners at DKM half-time in Ampfing


The third event of the season of the German Kart Championship took place on the Schweppermannring in Ampfing last weekend. 110 participants started at the southernmost race of the year and showed thrilling kart racing with new winners. On the overall lists of rankings of the three grade series DKM, DJKM and DSKM everything is still possible.

The fifth and sixth ranked races of the German Kart Championship in Bavarian Ampfing were a stormy affair. 110 drivers competed against each other on the 1.060m long track and were able to impress due to a high power density. Temporarily there were up to ten drivers with chances of winning throughout the races. In the end, Davide Foré (DSKM), Bent Viscaal, Emil Dose (both DJKM) and Martijn van Leeuwen (DKM) came out on top.

The weather held a special surprise. While the sun dominated huge parts of Germany, it rained in Ampfing on Sunday morning and the first final races took place on the wet track. Due to the additional ounce of thrill exciting fights for positions were guaranteed. The DKM series coordinator praised the participants in his summary of the weekend: “I was really impressed by how closely the fields kept together. It was great to watch the races. Due to the new winners the championships keep being exciting. All the drivers’ behavior was positive, the races were very fair.”

DSKM: Double victory for Davide Foré

Multiple World Champion Davide Foré (Renda Motorsport) piped up at the shifterkarts and took the overall lead due to his first victory in the German Championship. The Italian set the best time during qualifying already and drove in the forefront during the heats as well. In these, he only deferred to Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team) once. Due to two victories the Tony kart driver took the overall lead and was very content in the evening: “We’re in really good shape right now and everything’s going really well. I lost a little during qualifying but was able to make up for it during the heats.”

During the first final race Davide Foré turned things around again on the wet track. After a bad start the ex-champion fell back initially. Due to fast lap times he was able to close the gap to Alexander Schmitz again and was able to pass him by in the end. He was able to strengthen his position until the end of the race and celebrated his first victory at the DSKM. “This is the first year that I’m driving the complete German Championship. Things are currently going really well and I’m going to fight for the title until the end. The competition is really strong though, so I can’t afford to make any mistakes”, said Foré after the race. Alexander Schmitz was really busy defending his second place in the meantime. Fabian Federer (CRG Holland) got closer from behind and used a mistake the German driver made right before the finish line to his advantage. A subsequent penalty put Fabian Federer back to fourth place though. In addition to Alexander Schmitz Dylan Davies (CRG Keijzer Racing) completed the podium on third place. Fifth place went to Daniel Stell (TB Motorsport Racing Team) followed by Jorrit Pex (Pex Racing Team), Guust Specken (PDB Racing Team), David Detmers (MSR Motorsport/WST Power), Andreas Backmann (Kosmic Racing DPT.) and Kenneth Jensen Ostvold (Dino Racing A/S).

There was no way past Davide Foré during the afternoon race again. The CRG driver profited from a small collision between Alexander Schmitz and Jorrit Pex. The duo fought for second and third places during the first laps and therefore fell back a little. Foré used the situation to his advantage and was able to gain a small lead. He set the speed until the end of the race and also took the lead on the overall list of rankings due to his double victory. Fabian Federer and Daniel Stell completed the CRG podium on second and third places. On fourth place, Dylan Davies ended up in the cup ranks again. Four-time champion Jorrit Pex finished the weekend on fifth place. Guust Specken came in sixth in front of Alexander Schmitz who had fought his way back to seventh place after his quarrel with Pex. Shifterkart-rookie Jarno Opmeer (Maddox Racing Team) ended up on the great eighth place in front of Maik Siebecke (SRP Racing Team) and Menno Paauwe (Paauwer Racing Team).

Championship ranking DSKM after 6 of 10 races:
1. Davide Foré (129 points)
2. Jorrit Pex (102 points)
Alexander Schmitz (98 points)
4. Menno Paauwe (74 points)
5. Maik Siebecke (71 points)

DJKM: Bent Viscaal and Emil Dose share victories

Lots of new faces mixed up the junior field. Russian Alexander Smolyar (Kartprom Team) led the championship after qualifying and the heats and started into the first race from pole position. Next to him was his fellow countrywoman Milen Ponomarenko (BRT): The Lenzo kart driver also won one heat and came in second once. She was accordingly content in the evening: “I’m starting at the DKM for the first time and am excited about the races. The drivers are really strong and the track is great. We did really well today, now I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.”

DJKM overall leading driver Bent Viscaal (KSM Racing Team) showed a strong first final race. After a cautious start, the Dutchman got faster and faster on the wet track towards the middle of the race and gained the lead. Due to his victory he was also able to increase his lead in the championship. “This weekend is full of highs and lows. Everything went great in the rain and I’m happy about another victory. These were important points regarding the championship”, Viscaal summed up at the finish line. Pole setter Alexander Smolyar achieved a safe second place. The decision about the last place on the podium was thrilling until the last second though. During the last lap, Max Weering (CRG Holland) found a gap and fought his way past Russian Milen Ponomarenko. The joy about the last place on the podium didn’t last long though because he fell back to fifth place to a subsequent penalty. Milen Ponomarenko was the new third winner in front of Sebastian Fernandez (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) from Venezuela. Max Hesse (RS Motorsport) just missed the cup ranks on sixth place. David Brinkmann (KSM Racing Team), Aaron Cameron (Karttronix International), Emil Dose (Storm Development) and Gleb Zotov (Kartprom Team) followed on the next positions.

During the second race the juniors did their title “the young savages” justice: over long passages the drivers were really close together and switched the lead almost in front of every bend. In the end, Dane Emil Dose prevailed and celebrated his second victory of the season: “I’m very happy. My kart worked perfectly, a big thank you to my team for their great support. I’m now on third place of the championship and am going to fully attack during the upcoming events in Oschersleben and Kerpen.” Australian Aaron Cameron followed behind Emil Dose on second place in front of Alexander Smolyar, Noah Milell (JP Racing) and Sebastian Fernandez. Winner of the first race Bent Viscaal followed on sixth place in front of his team mate David Brinkmann. Max Hesse, Aleksi Potter (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) and Niklas Krütten (Forza Racing) completed the top ten.

Championship ranking DJKM after 6 of 10 races:
1. Bent Viscaal (140 points)
2. Max Hesse (110 points)
3. Emil Dose (88 points)
4. David Brinkmann (84 points)
5. Max Tubben (70 points)

DKM: Martijn van Leeuwen back at the top due to double victory

Both leading drivers Richard Verschoor (RB Racing) and Martijn van Leeuwen (CRG Keijzer Racing) were only three championship points apart before the races in Ampfing. But during qualifying and the heats reigning champion Martijn van Leeuwen already highlighted his ambitions. He achieved the first two championship points due to the best time during qualifying and then gained ten more after the heats. His direct opponent Richard Verschoor had a lot of bad luck in the meantime: While on the good second place during qualifying, he had to end the first heat prematurely. “We forgot to fill water into the radiator”, admitted the Dutchman. The second heat went considerably better then, he was able to limit the damages a little by finishing on second place and secured 13th starting position for the first final race.

There was no way past Martijn van Leeuwen during this race though. After the start the Dutchman temporarily drove behind Manuel Valier (KSB Racing Team). But after only a few laps he was able to correct the picture again and fought his way back to front position. In his wind shadow, Dane Christian Soerensen (Storm Development) was able drive past the Munich resident as well and put him on third place. The next opponent neared from behind though: Threefold season champion Richard Verschoor fought his way forward due to a strong performance and achieved the last place on the podium in the final spurt. Behind Manuel Valier, Kristian Thorsen completed the top five. Brit Will Stowell (CRG Keijzer Racing) followed on sixth place in front of Julius Lassen (TK Racing), Andreas Jochimsen (Storm Development), Moritz Horn (TB Motorsport Racing Team) and Sasakorn Chaimongkol (KSM Racing Team).

Due to a victory at the second final race, Martijn van Leeuwen achieved a perfect weekend. The CRG driver was unstoppable on the dry track and crossed the finish line on first place with a considerable lead. “Wow, what a great weekend! We’ve been working really hard during the past weeks and taken a considerable step forward. Now we have to tie in with this and keep focusing on our work. Then we’ll be close to defending the title”, van Leeuwen rejoiced at the award ceremony. Richard Verschoor was his direct follower this time. He came in second and is thereby keeping the championship exciting. He had to pay close attention to his pursuers during the race though. Andreas Jochimsen drove a perfect race and kept really close to the Dutchman on third place. Manuel Valier was best German driver again on fourth place. Sasakorn Chaimongkol came in fifth in front of Julius Lassen, Christian Soerensen, Will Stowell, Kristian Thorsen and Jonathan Judek (KSM Racing Team).

Championship ranking DKM after 6 of 10 races:
1. Martijn van Leeuwen (165 points)
2. Richard Verschoor (142 points)
3. Christian Soerensen (80 points)
4. Julius Lassen (74 points)
5. Tom Lautenschlager (70 points)

After the race in Ampfing the German Kart Championship is now going to take a five-week break. It is going to continue from September 5th – 6th at the etropolis Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.