This is how the DMSB Shifterkart Cup works


A few weeks ago the DMSB presented a fourth class within the framework of the German Kart Championship. The DMSB Shifterkart Cup (DSKC) is going to celebrate its premiere in 2016 and is a great addition to the highest German kart racing series due to its strong concept.

The German Kart Championship keeps growing – 2016 the Championship is going to involve four classes again. In addition to the DKM, DJKM and DSKM the DMSB Shifterkart Cup (DSKC) is going to take place for the first time. This cup is an addition to the German Shifterkart Championship and is going to become the “second league” of German shifterkart sports.

The concept of the championship has been developed during the past months in cooperation with teams and drivers. The best drivers are going to be promoted and others are going to be relegated. Therefore, at the DSKC 2016, only drivers who haven’t driven among the point ranks of a CIK-FIA European Championship grade series (KZ and KZ2) or haven’t qualified for the final phase of a KZ World Championship during the past two years (2014 and 2015), are going to be allowed to start. Moreover, the top ten of the DSKM 2015 are not allowed to start at the DMSB Shifterkart Cup 2016.

There are restrictions in the other direction as well. The five best-placed drivers of the DSKC only have to pay half of the enrollment fee the following year but are not allowed to compete at the DSKC again but have to switch to the DKM or DSKM. Series coordinator Stefan Wagner sees this system as a good solution: “We’re confident to be providing a good addition with the DMSB Shifterkart Cup. The environment of the DKM is very professional and the significance of the shifterkarts has changed considerably during the past years. Lots of ex-juniors are directly rising to the gear karts and thereby have a chance to gain first experiences in a professional environment. After the announcement of the DSKC the inquiry was very high.” There is a slight difference to the technical regulations of the CIK-FIA at the DMSB Shifterkart Cup. The minimum weight was raised to 178kg.

Enrollments for both championships are limited to 34 drivers, but can be raised if necessary. The same goes for the DKM (OK) and DJKM (OK Junior) – here, the limit is 51 in the beginning. Both classes are going to adhere to the new CIK-FIA engine regulations in 2016. Enrollment for the DMSB grade series is going to start at the beginning of the year and early birds can save money. Everyone who has entered their applications until March 11th 2016 has to pay 2100€ participation fee for the complete DKM, DJKM and DSKM season, whereas you only have to pay 1800€ for the DSKC. Drivers who enroll later than that have to pay 250€ additional fee per DMSB grade series.