Three double victories in Wackersdorf


The 150 drivers of the German Kart Championship’s second racing weekend at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf had a difficult task to solve. Sun and rain temporarily stirred up the event on Saturday. On Sunday, the sun prevailed then and the numerous spectators saw as many as three double winners in Anthony Abbasse (DSKM), David Beckmann (DJKM) and Dennis Marschall (DKM).

After the kickoff in Ampfing, the German Kart Championship travelled to the south of Germany for the second racing weekend again. The location was the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf in Upper Palatine. The 1.222m long track belongs to the most modern tracks in Germany and is also the location of a European Kart Championship this year. This was noticeable when looking at the number of participants. Counting 69 shifterkart drivers, the DSKM was filled up completely and the DJKM and DKM were also brilliantly manned, counting 47 and 34 drivers respectively.

Series coordinator Stefan Wagner was excited about the huge reception: “In cooperation with the German Motorsport Foundation, we got a really professional racing series going. The feedback after the first race in Ampfing was really good, which can also be seen in this weekend’s starting fields. The DKM has developed into one of the best kart racing series in Europe over the past few years.”

The weather was something special this time as well. On Saturday, torrential rain flooded the entire track and caused an hour-long racing break. The weather changed for the better quickly though: after the heavy rain, sunshine prevailed for the rest of the event, providing great racing circumstances. Anthony Abbasse (DSKM), David Beckmann (DJKM) and Dennis Marschall (DKM) used these most effectively in the end. The three set the speeds in their respective classes and stood on top of their podiums as glorious double winners.

DSKM: Abbasse wins – Pex expands his overall lead

An incredible field of 69 participants awaited the German Shifterkart Championship (DSKM) in Wackersdorf. Two weeks before the CIK-FIA European Kart Championship, numerous international top drivers used this race as preparation and already proved during qualifying that they were driving for victories. Anthony Abbasse (SODI Racing Team) was fastest driver during qualifying and defended his lead during all three Heats. With another victory and two second places, Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland) completed the starting row of Sunday’s first final. Reigning double champion Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) came in on 5th place.

The numerous spectators at Prokart Raceland experienced an incredible first final. Even before the start, Davide Foré, one of the race’s favorites, had to deal with a setback: “We’ve changed my tires once again in the transition area and were therefore too late at the pre-start. That’s really annoying, obviously. It was then hard to gain positions from the back of the field”, explained the Italian later. Meanwhile, guest driver Anthony Abbasse proved himself at the front. The Frenchman broke away and was on a course of victory. In the second racing third, Verdi Geurts (Solgat Motorsport) came close though. The Dutchman tried everything to overtake Abbasse, who won anyway. “After I’d noticed Geurts coming closer, I decided to put the pedal to the metal one more time”, commented Abbasse on his success. The fight for the last place on the podium was noticeable as well. Italian Paolo de Conto (Birel Motorsport s.r.l.) finally prevailed against Jan Midrla (JOKA Kart Team) and Ricardo Romkema. Reigning double champion Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) experienced an exciting race as well. Temporarily only on tenth place, he was able to come in 6th in the end. “I was simply too slow during the first racing half, my driving improved considerably then and I was able to overtake a couple of drivers”, said the Dutchman self-critically. The Top 10 were completed by Marcel Jeleniowski (CRG Holland), Ryan van den Burgt (KDP Racing), Kevin Illgen (ADAC Sachsen e.V.) and Yard Pex (CRG Holland).

Kickoff-winner Anthony Abbasse showed the best start during the second final as well and seemed to be winning this race too. Nearing the middle of the race, the opponent’s pressure increased though. Jorrit Pex and Verdi Geurts continually came closer. Abbasse wasn’t impressed by this though and came in as the winner of the second final as well. “A great result for my team and me. The competition in the German Shifterkart Championship is really strong and maybe we will be attending more races in Germany during the course of the season”, rejoiced the Sodi-Kart factory driver. Jorrit Pex managed a notable development: coming in 2nd, he was able to expand his lead on the overall list of rankings. Ryan van den Burgt (KDP Racing) underlined his great performance of the previous day by coming in third in front of his fellow Dutchman Riccardo Romkema and the fastest German driver: Kevin Illgen (CRG Holland). “After Ampfing, I’m on 5th place once again. My material has worked perfectly”, the Saxon rejoiced after finishing. On the following places were Jan Midrla, Dylan Davies (AVG Racing), Manuel Huber (DR Germany), Alexander Schmitz (KSM Racing Team) and Arjan Kievitsbosch on tenth place. Unlucky fellow of the race was Verdi Geurts – after his great second place during the first final, he had to forfeit the race only a few laps before the finish line while being on second place.

DSKM Championship ranking after Wackersdorf:

1. Jorrit Pex (92 points)
2. Ricardo Romkema (45 points)
3. Davide Foré (40 points)
4. Kevin Illgen (39 points)
5. Stefan Ott (32 points

DJKM: David Beckmann achieves double victories

Qualifying was already extraordinarily exciting among the field of the 47 juniors. Kickoff-winner David Beckmann (Zanardi) led the overall standings up to the last lap, until Dutchman Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) struck. He drove the last-minute best time and thereby secured the first two Championship points of the weekend. Completely new conditions awaited them during the Heats then. While the first Heat took place on a dry track, there had to be some postponements during the second due to the heavy rain. Jannes Fittje (Keijzer Racing) proved to be a great driver in the rain: the Zanardi driver came in 1st and 2nd and was able to lead the field into the first final.

The Thuringian drove a great start, but was under a lot of pressure from his pursuers Stan Pex (CRG Holland), Sophia Floersch (KSM Racing Team) and David Beckmann. Sophia Floersch overtook him first, shortly after that Beckmann followed, who would not go any easier and overtook Floersch due to a hard maneuver as well. He then expanded his lead due to fast lap times and achieved his second victory of the season after 17 laps in front of Sophia Floersch. “It wasn’t quite enough for the victory in yesterday’s rain, but it went really well this time. I’m happy to have achieved my second DJKM-success”, said the Westphalian contently. There was more suspense regarding 3rd to 5th places. In an incredible photo-finish, Dane Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) crossed the finish line in front of Stan Pex and Pole-Setter Jannes Fittje. Gino Wetzels (DAEMS Racing Team) was able to strip off his bad luck from Ampfing. The Tony Kart driver followed on sixth place in front of brand colleague Mick Betsch (KSM Racing Team), Charlie Barlow (Piers Sexton Racing), Matvey Maslov (P.D.B. Racing Team) and Alexey Korneev (RED Racing).

After his victory of the first ranked race, David Beckmann was able to impress during the final in the afternoon as well. He defended his position from the start and finished on first place in the end. The gaining of second place was a close one though: Nicolai Kjergaard (TK Racing) had a considerable advance in the beginning, but Gino Wetzels DAEMS Racing Team) and Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing) came closer all the time. Dutchman van Leeuwen didn’t wait long and overtook the Dane. He therefore managed to finish his otherwise flubbed weekend on a good note by coming in 2nd. Kjergaard was able to fend off Wetzels’ attacks and came in 3rd. Wetzels experienced a rough setback after the race though: Technicians detected an abnormality regarding his clutch and disqualified him. “What can I say, I unfortunately started with the wrong clutch”, said Gino disappointedly. Jannes Fittje “inherited” his 4th place in front of fast Munich resident Sophia Floersch. Michael Kuiper (Keijzer Racing) fought his way forward from 20th to 6th place. British Charlie Barlow followed on seventh place in front of Mick Betsch, Matvey Maslov and Stan Pex on tenth place.

Of course, double winner David Beckmann was in a great mood during the interview after his success: “It couldn’t have gone any better. I was able to break away from my opponents during both races and gained important Championship points. I’m now looking forward to Kerpen; I know the track well and am hoping to win there as well.”

DJKM Championship ranking after Wackersdorf:

1. David Beckmann (93 points)
2. Martijn van Leeuwen (62 points)
3. Nicolai Kjergaard (51 points)
4. Parker Thompson (41 points)
5. Mick Betsch (38 points)

DKM: premiere victories for Dennis Marschall

Finnish Valtteri Semi (Ward Racing) provided the first surprise among the field of the German Kart Championship. Due to a razor-thin advance of a hundredth of a second, he was able to stand up to the German ADAC Sport Foundation’s sponsored driver Dennis Marschall (TB Motorsport Racing Team). During the Heats, the rain temporarily stirred up the races though. André Matisic (KKC Racing) got on under these conditions the best. The German gained the pole position of the first final by achieving a victory and a third place. Dennis Marschall achieved the place next to him, in front of British George Russel (Birel Motorsport s.r.l.) and Michael Waldherr (RK Racing Team).

Dennis Marschall was the man of the first final: The driver from Eggenstein took the lead during the second lap and was unstoppable then. “I can hardly believe it. I knew we were fast, but winning so clearly is something really special”, said Marschall happily. André Matisic from Hamburg came in second and therefore achieved a German double victory. British George Russel (Birel Motorsport s.r.l.) achieved a place on the podium as well, because he was able to fight his way past reigning DKJM-Champion Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team). Janker had to be careful not to lose his position to John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) as well. The Irishman regained his usual strength during the first final after a flubbed Saturday. From 16th starting position, he fought his way forward up to 5th place. The following places were taken by Kim Oomen (Keijzer Racing), Dylan Pereira (DAEMS Racing Team), Denis Bulatov (RED Racing), Victor Compere (VDK Racing Team) and Dominik Hofheinz (M.M. Racing Kart).

During the second race, Dennis Marschall temporarily lost his lead to John Norris, but was able to overtake him again. He achieved the second racing victory and gained the full number of points, after he had gained none in Ampfing. “This has been an unforgettable weekend for me. Everything went so smoothly. I had the necessary pace and was able to win both races easily. The next weeks will hopefully continue like this”, was Dennis’ look into the future. John Norris could become a danger to him though. He proved his speed once again by coming in second. “Things didn’t go well for us at all yesterday. We’ve worked on our Chassis over night though and were able to achieve a clear improvement”, explained John at the award ceremony. Third and fourth places were taken by George Russel (Birel Motorsport) and Hannes Janker (TB Motorsport Racing Team) again. Finnish Valtteri Semi (Ward Racing) came in fifth. André Matisic had to deal with a small setback. After achieving second place in the morning, he was involved in a collision during the race and temporarily thrown back to tenth place. He was able to gain a couple of positions though and finished on seventh place, after Simon Mirguet (DAEMS Racing Team). The Top 10 was completed by Denis Bulatov, Tomas Stranava (RK Racing Team) and Dominik Hofheinz.

DKM Championship ranking after Wackersdorf:

1. John Norris (63 points)
2. Hannes Janker (61 points)
3. Dorian Boccolacci (52 points)78
4. André Matisic (52 points)
5. Dennis Marschall (50 points)

After two diversified kickoff-events in Ampfing and Wackersdorf, the German Kart Championship will now take a short break. In two months (July 12th – 14th 2013), the DMSB’s Kart Championship will be on the Erftlandring Kerpen for its’ half-way race. All races of this weekend can also be seen in full length at