50.000€ prize money for DKM team championship

"60 years of DKM, that has to be celebrated," says DKM series coordinator Stefan Wagner, looking forward to the start of the season in Kerpen with great excitement. A few days before the kick-off on the traditional track, the DKM adapts its regulations and provides a great incentive with a prize pool of 50.000€ in the team classification.

Each applicant automatically takes part in the team classification with the three best-placed drivers. In order to be included in the team ranking of an event, at least three registered drivers of the team must have participated. In the end, the team with the best points wins the DMSB Kart Predicate 2022 team classification, receives prize money of 15.000€ and a free start in the following season. The runners-up will receive 10.000€, the third-best team will receive 8.000€. In total, the ten best teams will receive prize money of up to 1.000€.

But that is not all – there are also changes to the strike results: For the championship or cup classification, the two worst results from a race of the final phase and the worst result of a points classification after the heats are deleted.  As a result, drivers who missed a weekend still have a chance of a successful championship finish.

After the successful premiere last year, the DMSB is again offering a rookie rating in the DKM and DJKM. All drivers of the youngest year in the classes DKM (born in 2008) and DJKM (born in 2010) automatically participate in the rookie classification.  In addition to a winner's trophy, the winner will receive a free start in the coming season.

Also new in 2022: In addition to the champions of the DKM, DJKM and DSKM, the DSKC champion will also have the registration fee waived for the coming year. Places two to five of the DSKC will continue to receive a 50% discount on registration for a DMSB grade (DKM or DSKM).

Register now for the anniversary year

Until Monday before a DKM event, drivers can register for the four championships. Encouraging: The registration fee has been reduced for the 2022 season. For the classes DKM, DJKM and DSKM this is 2,700€, in the DSKC it is 2,400€. The registration fee already includes the environmental and disposal fee (f.ex. for showers, electricity, garbage, and security service), the test day as well as the hygiene and safety fee for the drivers including all permitted accompanying persons for each event.  The entry fee for guest drivers has also been reduced for the 2022 season and is now 500€ per race event.

As in the previous year, drivers can decide to participate in the entire DKM season after their guest start at the kick-off and subsequently register permanently. In connection with this, the entry fee of the guest start will be offset against the registration fee and the races are entitled to points.

DKM Race Calendar 2022:
01.04.-03.04.2022 – Kerpen
10.06.-12.06.2022 – Genk (Belgium)
15.07.-17.07.2022 – Ampfing
12.08.-14.08.2022 – Mülsen
23.09.-25.09.2022 – Wackersdorf

All information regarding the current DKM season is also available in the DMSB portal under https://www.dmsb-sport.de/DKM_Einschreibung_2022_12892/. There, interested drivers can register for the 2022 season or submit their guest driver nomination(s). The current list of participants is also available there.