DKM ready for season start at the beginning of April

Drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher, Carlo Sainz Junior and Robert Kubica – to name but a few – have earned their first spurs in the German Kart Championship. Who will build on this in the anniversary year?

The DKM has been one of the talent factories in motorsport for 60 years. The most recent example is the Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger. In 2016 he won the DJKM and made history with his DKM title just one year later. Last year he became FIA Formula 3 champion and is now moving up to Formula 2 – as a Red Bull junior he has the best chance of making the leap into the premier class.

“I have very good memories from DKM together with CRG Racing Team and CRG Holland, a very International and competitive championship with great atmosphere and professional organizer. And off course very happy to be one of the few drivers to win the Junior and Senior Championship, and at that time the youngest winner in both categories. In F3 and F2 you only have one practice session and maximum 6-7 push laps to sort out the track and setup before qualifying, I see now that the DKM was a very good school for me, all the tracks were new and we only had some practice sessions to learn the track and sort out the setup”, Dennis looks back on the DKM with good memories.

DKM calendar includes five events

Already before the 2021 finale, the German Kart Championship presented its package for the new season. The race calendar once again consists of five events on racetracks in Germany and Belgium. The first one is on the Erftlandring in Kerpen – then it goes on to Genk in Belgium. The half-time champions will be crowned in Ampfing, followed by events in Mülsen and Wackersdorf.

The four DMSB predicates DKM, DJKM, DSKM and DSKC are also advertised this year. Since the start of registration in January, the organizers have enjoyed a strong interest and are looking forward to the 61st season with great excitement.  Stefan Wagner is looking forward to the start of the season in Kerpen with corresponding anticipation: "We are ready for the anniversary year. There is hardly a kart championship that lasts as long as the DKM. This confirms the quality and our concept. We set the course for 2022 very early on and are once again offering a strong package. It is also a special season for me personally, I have been working as a series coordinator for 20 years."

Register now under for the anniversary year

Until the Monday before a DKM event, you can register online at for any of the four championships. Encouraging: The registration fee has been reduced for the 2022 season. For the classes DKM, DJKM and DSKM it is 2,700€, in the DSKC it is 2,400€. The registration fee already includes the environmental and disposal fee (f.ex. for showers, electricity, garbage, and security service), the test day as well as the hygiene and safety fee for the drivers including all permitted accompanying persons for each event.

DKM Race Calendar 2022 (Provisional of all approvals):
01.04.-03.04.2022 – Kerpen
10.06.-12.06.2022 – Genk (Belgium)
15.07.-17.07.2022 – Ampfing
12.08.-14.08.2022 – Mülsen
23.09.-25.09.2022 – Wackersdorf