DKM counts in the International Karting Ranking

The ranking list is intended to provide an overview of a driver's performance, regardless of category. The requirement is to participate with CIK-FIA homologated material in an internationally announced event. For many years, this has included the German Kart Championship. Starting with the season opener in Muelsen, all participants automatically collect points for the IKR.

The results of a weekend are evaluated using a computer-based ranking system. Each event and class has a different weighting. The points are calculated automatically according to a logarithmic rule. The ranking list considers the type of event, the result of the individual driver and the number of participants in the class.

The German Kart Championship is the only national championship that is part of the IKR. The four categories DKM, DJKM, DSKM and DSKC are rated. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. the updated IKR is published on At the end of the year the eight best results will be evaluated.

Online registration for the German Kart Championship opened already in December for the four classes: DKM, DJKM, DSKM and DSKC – it’s still possible to enter at  

In addition to the series races of the DKM, the ‘Road to Wackersdorf’, taking place in July, also counts towards the IKR. The event at Pro Kart Raceland is a perfect test opportunity for the Karting World Championship being hosted by the German circuit in September.

DKM race calendar 2023:
21.04.-23.04.2023 - Muelsen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
26.05.-28.05.2023 - Genk (Belgium) incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
25.08.-27.08.2023 - Wackersdorf
22.09.-24.09.2023 - Kerpen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
27.10.-29.10.2023 - Franciacorta (Italy)

20.07.-23.07.2023 - Road to Wackersdorf