Guest driver registration for DKM opener in Muelsen started

With four weeks to go until the big start of the 2023 season, Arena E in Muelsen is bringing down the curtain this time. While the online registration has already been running since mid-January, guest drivers can now also submit their entries. The online form is linked on the event page

As in previous years, competitors still have the chance to register at a later date for one of the DKM categories (DKM, DJKM, DSKM, DSKC) after the start of the season. Guest drivers from Muelsen can still decide to participate fully in the five-round championship after the initial race weekend and will subsequently be credited with the points from Muelsen for the overall rankings. Likewise, the entry fee from Muelsen will be offset against the registration fee.

The DKM will again offer a great basis for karting in 2023. Up to €70,000 in prize money will be distributed in the team classification - no other series offers such a high prize pool. In addition, there are numerous other prizes such as helmets for the champions and GT4 sports car test drives from the GTC Race.

At the races in Muelsen, Genk and Kerpen, the Mini 60 will also start in the supporting program. Promoter Chrono Karting is promoting the series and is already registering great interest. Entries can be made here:

DKM race calendar 2023:
21.04.-23.04.2023 - Muelsen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
26.05.-28.05.2023 - Genk (Belgium) incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
25.08.-27.08.2023 - Wackersdorf (Germany)
22.09.-24.09.2023 - Kerpen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
27.10.-29.10.2023 - Franciacorta (Italy)

20.07.-23.07.2023 - Road to Wackersdorf