New winners at the DKM in Kerpen


Last weekend (September 13th-14th 2014), the seventh and eighth ranked races of the German Kart Championship took place on the Erftlandring in Kerpen. 118 participants started at the three DMSB grade series and provided a lot of variety due to six different winners. Everything’s still possible at the Championships.

The participation was high again at the fourth event of the German Kart Championship. The three grade series of the German Motorsport Foundation (DMSB) were well filled once again, counting 118 drivers, and promised lots of excitement. More than 1000 spectators followed the races of the highest German kart racing series on Sunday.

This time, the 1.107m long Erftlandring was a huge challenge. The track was opened in the spring of 1980 and belongs to the most traditional ones in Germany. Numerous successful motorsport careers began on this track. Due to a couple of stings, the drivers have to find the right path in Kerpen to be able to finish in the front of the field. The best at this task were Jorrit Pex, Simo Puhakka (both DSKM), David Beckmann, Mick Junior (both DJKM), Jehan Daruvala and Sasakorn Chaimongkol (both DKM). These six shared the victories between them on Sunday evening and ended up on top of the podium.

DSKM: Jorrit Pex and Simo Puhakka celebrate their first victories of the season

Counting 48 drivers, the German Shifterkart Championship was the strongest force in Kerpen once again and provided exciting races. The first surprise already happened during qualifying, when Marijn Kremers (AVG Racing Team) set a new track record with a time of 41,957 seconds. He was very excited about this: “I’m very proud to have set this new record. This is something you don’t achieve too often. I like this track and have always been fast here. Everything just went perfectly during qualifying.” The Birel-driver drove in the front of the top-class field during the following heats as well and was able to defend his top position due to two victories. Next to him, threefold Champion Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) took his place. Having only been on eighth place after qualifying, the heats went considerably better. “I won once and came in second twice which is a great achievement and makes me confident about tomorrow”, rejoiced Pex in the evening.

The first final started with a slight setback for pole-setter Marijn Kremers. He got turned around right after the start and had to hurry after the field. In the meantime Jorrit Pex controlled the events at the front and drove towards his first victory of the season due to a confident performance. “I’m really happy about my success. Due to Rick Dreezen’s falling out, things are now getting exciting again regarding the Championship”, Pex said positively. Regarding the second place, things seemed to point towards a success for German Maik Siebecke (SRP Racing Team), but he took a slight detour into the off during the eighth lap and fell back considerably. There then was a tight fight for second place up until the end of the race, which was won by Irish John Norris (Mach1 Motorsport) in front of Davide Foré (DTK Racing Team Poland). Simo Puhakka (AVG Racing Team) achieved fourth place in the end in front of Finn Kooijmann (CRG Holland). As best German driver, Tom Lorkowski (Maxim Recycling Racing Sports)  came in sixth in front of Menno Paauwe, Guust Specken (P.D.B. Racing Team), Tim Berndt and Pawel Myszkier (Myszkier Auto Sport Racing Team).

At the second race, Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) got the best start once again, then had to let Finn Simo Puhakka (AVG Racing Team) pass him by after just a little while. With new tires, the Birel driver had the faster kart and got farther and farther away from his opponents with every lap. He profited from his pursuers’ fights because as many as five drivers were fighting for the remaining places on the podium. At the finish line, kick-off winner Jorrit Pex came in second in front of Marijn Kremers. The Dutchman had fought his way from twelfth place up to the top three. John Norris actually followed on fourth place, but a subsequent ten-seconds-penalty threw him back to twelfth place. The new fourth place went to Finn Kooijmann (CRG Holland) in front of Guust Specken, Dylan Davies and current overall leader Rick Dreezen (CRG Holland). Despite the lost points, Dreezen is looking forward to the finale in Genk: “Jorrit and I have known each other since we were ‘Bambini’. It’s always great fun to drive with him; we’re like a small family. Genk is going to be a great weekend.” Behind the Belgian, Verdi Geurts (Solgat Motorsport), Menno Paauwe and Pawel Myszkier completed the top ten. Best German driver was Marcel Jeleniowski (ACR) on eleventh place.

Things are now going to get exciting regarding the Championship. Due to Rick Dreezen’s falling out and his pursuers Jorrit Pex and Simo Puhakka’s victories, the first three drivers are only four points apart.

Championship ranking DSKM after eight of ten races:

1. Rick Dreezen (107 points)
2.Jorrit Pex (107 points)
3. Simo Puhakka (103 points)
4. John Norris (88 points)
5. Guust Specken (75 points)

DJKM: victories for David Beckmann and Mick Junior

The DJKM season 2014 is more exciting than it ever was. The young drivers were already very close together during qualifying. The field was led by David Beckmann: due to his third pole position, the ADAC Sports Foundation’s sponsored driver had a perfect starting position and knew how to use this. During two thrilling heats he achieved the victory and was therefore able to defend his top position. “Even though I had a slight advance both times, the races were not easy. I had to drive very tactically, especially during the second race”, Beckmann explained in the evening. Directly behind him followed Mick Junior (KSM Racing Team) and Lirim Zendeli (KSM Racing Team), two other German drivers with high chances of winning.

After his great performance on Saturday, Hagen resident David Beckmann was unstoppable during the first final race as well. Due to a perfect start, he was able to defend his top position and drove towards a secure victory during the course of the 19 laps. “I’m very happy about my victory. The Championship is still very exciting and I’m now aiming for a double victory”, the youngster rejoiced in his interview. Second winner Mick Junior experienced a smooth race as well: he finished more than three seconds behind the winner. There was more excitement regarding the fight for third place. Maximilian Fewtrell (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) and Max Hesse (Solgat Motorsport) were in a great fight, which was won by British Fewtrell in the end. On fifth place, Jarno Opmeer (Maddox Racing Team) completed the point ranks. One of the Championship favorites, Michael Kuiper (Keijzer Racing), showed a great catching-up race: The Dutchman lost a lot of ground due to an accident at the start, finished on sixth place in the end though. On seventh place was Marcus Amstrong (Kosmic Racing DP.) in front of Carrie Schreiner (Energy Germany-MD Motorsport), Juan Correra (Energy Corse) and Sun Yue Yang (Ricky Flynn Motorsport).

The juniors’ second race was incredibly close then. David Beckmann achieved the best start but had to let his opponents pass him by after only a few meters. Juan Correa and Maximilian Fewtrell temporarily led the field. While Fewtrell’s performance got weaker and he fell back, Beckmann was able to attack fully. During the course of the race he was able to drive up to the leading duo consisting of Juan Correa and Mick Junior. There was a showdown during the last lap then: Junior and Beckmann were able to drive past Correa and drove onto the start-finish straight simultaneously. In the end, Junior had a flimsy advance in front of David Beckmann and Juan Correa. Maximilian Fewtrell ended up on fourth place in front of Marcus Amstrong (Kosmic Racing Dept.) and Sophia Floersch (Morsicani Racing s.r.l.). Bochum resident Lirim Zendeli and Enaam Ahmed (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) showed sensational performances as well. After an early falling out during the first race, the duo was able to fight its way forward from the end of the field to the impressive eighth and seventh places. The first ten places were completed by Rinus van Kalmthout (Keijzer Racing) and Jarno Opmeer (Maddox Racing Team).

Championship ranking DJKM after eight of ten races:

1. Mick Junior (123 points)
2. David Beckmann (117 points)
3. Maximilian Fewtrell (100 points)
4. Enaam Ahmed (88 points)
5. Juan Correa (87 points)

DKM: Jehan Daruvala achieves full number of points

The German Kart Championship’s racing weekend started with a bang. . Tom Lautenschlager (TB Motorsport Racing Team) caused amazement among his opponents, because the Zanardi driver was the fastest driver of the entire qualifying of this top class and achieved his first pole position at the DKM. He proved that this result was not a one-time-thing due to a victory and a second place at the heats. “I could barely believe being at the front of such a strong field. I was very excited during the first race but everything worked perfectly”, the KF-rookie explained happily. In the evening he was only behind overall leader Martijn van Leeuwen (Keijzer Racing). The 2013 Junior Champion won both races and therefore was the big favorite for the finals. “Things are looking really good up until now. I’m hoping that we’re going to be able to continue like this tomorrow.”

On Sunday, Martijn van Leeuwen was able to tie in with his performance and seemed to be on a secure path to his fourth victory during the first final race. He was not expecting Jehan Daruvala (Ricky Flynn Motorsport) though. The Brit was able to close the gap between himself and the leading driver and caused a thrilling fight for victory. Both of them changed positions multiple times and caused great jubilation among the audience. Jehan Daruvala entered the last lap on the leading position and was able to defend this until the finish line. “This was one of my best races. The fight with Martijn was very fair and a lot of fun”, the winner summed up and van Leeuwen added: “I don’t even know how many times we switched the lead, but it was definitely a long race.” Behind the leading duo, André Matisic (KKC Racing/PDB Germany) came in third due to a strong performance. On fourth place followed Brazilian Sergio Sette Camar (Keijzer Racing) in front of Sasakorn Chaimongkol (PM Racing) who passed by Manuel Valier (Forza Racing) during the last lap and ended up on fifth place. But a subsequent penalty threw the Thai back to twelfth place. Behind Manuel Valier followed Nicolai Kjaergaard (TK Racing), Egor Stupenkov (Forza Racing), Marco Paul (Keijzer Racing), Maximilian Kurzbauer (KSM Racing Team) and Maxim Martynyuk (Energy Germany-MD Motorsport). Tom Lautenschlager experienced a difficult race: He lost all of his chances of achieving a front position due to an accident at the start and fell back considerably.

Everyone who thought there couldn’t be a more thrilling fight than the one of the first race was taught differently during the second. The first 15 laps could hardly have been any more exciting. Eight drivers were in an unbelievable fight for the victory of this race. Only during the last third of the race, things relaxed a little at the front. Sasakorn Chaimongkol was able to increase his leading position and achieved his first DKM victory. “The track in Kerpen is not an easy one. We weren’t fast enough in the beginning, but my team and I were able to decrease the distance and have now won”, he rejoiced at the finish line. Jehan Daruvala gained important Championship points on second place in front of Manuel Valier, Sergio Sette Camara and reigning German Champion André Matisic. Nicolai Kjaergaard, Tobias Müller (Kartshop Ampfing), Egor Stupenkov, Julia Leopold (KKC Racing/PDB Germany) and Kevin Rossel (KSB Racing Team) followed on the sixth to tenth places.

Martijn van Leeuwen had to deal with a severe setback. After only two laps he had to drive into the off due to a damaged chain and is now making the fight for the title exciting again. Jehan Daruvala is going to travel to the finale in Genk with an advance of 12 points.

Championship ranking DKM after eight of ten races:

1. Jehan Daruvala (147 points)
2. Martijn van Leeuwen (135 points)
3. Egor Stupenkov (108 points)
4. André Matisic (102 points)
5. Manuel Valier (85 points)

After this exciting racing Sunday, series coordinator Stefan Wagner is now looking forward to the finale in Genk: “The DKM is very balanced this year. No decision has been made prior to the finale and there are multiple title favorites in all classes. I’m very happy about that and it promises exciting races in Genk. I’d really like to thank the Kart-Club Kerpen-Manheim e.V., which has provided a great organization once again.”

The final decisions of the German Kart Championship are going to be made in three weeks (October 4th-5th 2014). The highest German kart racing series is going to travel to Belgian Genk for its finale then.